About us

-Funded in 2016 by Jean Bosco Bakunzi; with a dream of becoming the future leading company in residential and commercial renovations.

-We offer services for companies, and individuals our focus has been on helping and renovating homes and buildings throughout the Saskatoon and surrounding areas.
-We keep the Cost of the Renovation Budget-Friendly because we understand the present economy and the financial constraints homeowners are facing.

-We also focus on working efficiently, completing most of our Bathroom Renovations in just one week, and Kitchens renovations to under two weeks, new garages under a week Our Complete Home Renovations Under 3 Months; Grade beams and foundations.

  • We are Have a  $2,000,000 insurance liability. 
  • WCB
  • Registered as a Saskatchewan sole proprietor business  102100067  

Published by Oblique View Contracting

Let us renovate your home for you! We have highly qualified and trained Carpenters, to help you with all your renovation needs. -Basement development -Garages -Fences -Decks -House siding (Vinyl and Hardboard) -Doors and windows -Interior doors -Cabinets -Casing and baseboards -Flooring Contact us for a free quote.

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